Monday, July 2, 2012

IOFA gives thanks to Flamenco Chicago!

IOFA would like to honor Flamenco Chicago, one of our major donors who have given generously in the past to our causes. We are excited to announce that Flamenco Chicago will be holding a summer showcase to be held July 7-8th.

Flamenco Chicago is known for bringing together talented dancers, guitarists, and flamenco singers from around the Midwest for a marvelous show. Studio owner Rosetta Magdalen has previously been a part of several flamenco companies including Alma Flamenca and Soul y Duende Spanish Dance Theatre. The 17th annual summer showcase will feature more than 30 emerging dancers who will perform both traditional and contemporary choreographies. Attendance is encouraged! Check out excerpts from previous showcases. 

IOFA sincerely thanks Flamenco Chicago for their continued support. You can show your appreciation too by purchasing tickets for their upcoming event.

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