Monday, December 31, 2012

Urgent End of Year Appeal - We're More Than Half Way There!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach over $11,000 in donations for our end of year appeal!  We still have work to do and a $20,000 goal to reach.

In our world today, young people face a multitude of risks, known and unknown. Keeping children and youth safe from violence and exploitation is critical to the health of our communities and our world.   

In partnership with IOFA, you can:
  • Stop a 14-year old child from being sold as a prostitute
  • Prepare an orphaned young person to safely leave their care center and start of life of independence
  • Build ground-breaking research on the most critical issues faced by our young people today
We invite you to help build a safer world for all of us.

If you agree, please consider an end of year gift to IOFA this holiday season. Our goal is $20,000. 

We believe that we can get there.

Your donation is tax deductible for 2012, if you make your donation before midnight tonight.  Please donate today! 

Wishing you a happy 2013,

Shelby French, Sehla Ashai, 
the IOFA Intern Team
and The IOFA Board of Directors:
Alison Boak
Jennifer Greene
Meghan McGrath
Philip Roy
Monica Thornton


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