Friday, January 13, 2012

Thanks for taking our survey!

Many of you have taken this week's poll and we'd like to thank you for your thoughtful comments! The results: none of the 15 respondents thought that all sex work should be considered trafficking.

We ask this question for a specific reason. In our work, we find that there is quite a bit of confusion amongst our community partners and the general public about what trafficking looks like and what it does not look like.
As an organization, IOFA works to clarify these issues so that the efforts to combat human trafficking are focused and targeted toward victims.

We advocate that people take note of the legislative definition of trafficking and focus on the involvement of force, fraud or coercion (except for minors, where no force, fraud or coercion needs to be present). Human trafficking is slavery. No one can consent to being enslaved. The issue is not black and white, and we respect and uphold the rights of both victims of trafficking and sex workers. In the spirit of National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we hope this poll (and our post about the complexities of trafficking) provided an opportunity for a lively discussion about this critical social justice issue.

Stay tuned for another question next week!

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